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Closing more sales faster with our Customer Relationship Management solution.

Beating quotas

Today’s digital economy is moving faster than ever. Customers expect to connect with your business in every channels, seamlessly. Based on Salesforce products and technologies, our CRM solution empowers businesses to thrive in today’s completely new digital landscape.

Lead Management

Increase lead conversion rate by find more quality leads faster! With our CRM solution, your business is equipped with ability to capture leads from every touch-point, be it physical to digital channels, lead scoring and grading, automatically assign and track lead follow-up activities.

Pipeline Management

Close deal faster and more accurate forecast with real-time visibility into your sales pipeline. With our Pipeline Management, you get real-time visibility in each stage of your sales process allowing you to work with the deals faster. Our flexible Pipeline Management adapts to your sales process, meaning, your manual processes can now be fully automated allowing sales to focus with deals rather than manual works.

Cross-sell and Upsell

Increase revenue with ability to cross and upsell your products and services. No insights into your existing customers means a miss opportunity to sell your other products and services to the customers. Our CRM solution helps you to identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities and let your sales teams realize and focus on working with these opportunities.

Real-time visibilities to your sales performance

With our CRM solution, you get real-time reports and dashboards, at the office or on the road right on your mobile phones! Each sales person works on data and reports while with the customers. Manager gain visibility of an entire team or individual. And, as an executive, you see your entire business sales performance, in real-time, whenever you want to and wherever you want to.